Nails 2 Envy
Price List



  Shellac Manicure Prices 
Set of nails applied with Shellac:-
Natural nails - £25.00 including basic mini manicure
Re-Shellac (including removal) regular appointments £20.00
Removal of Shellac - £5.00 (not charged if re-Shellac-ing)

  Pedicure Prices

Shellac on toes £25.00 (includes basic pedicure)
Rockstar toes £25.00 (includes basic pedicure)

Nail Biter Package Price - As described on the home page, this package is designed for nail biters who are trying to stop the habit and want a little help or confidence to help them along the way.  The package includes two Shellac manicures which are to be booked in advance (dates of your choice), a luxury hand treatment, and Solar Oil.  The price of the package is £55, which is to be paid at the time of the first treatment.  Shellac treatments can be continued after the initial two at a price of £20 per treatment.