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Pedicure - Treats for your Feet



Get ready for spring and summer with our new range of pedicure treats for feet!

Soak in a beautifully warm aromatic foot bath with grapefruit and citrus tones to envigorate and refresh, soften with a complimenting scrub, finished with a rich lotion to moisturise and soothe.  Cuticles are not left out, to compliment this range we have a cuticle remover and oil to ensure beautifully soft feet.
For 'popping' toes, why not try our 'Rockstar Toes'.  Rockstar toes are where a base coat of Shellac is applied and then glitter is added before being coated with topcoat for extra shine and wearability.  Rockstar Toes look absolutely fantastic, very glittery and great for parties and holidays.